10 Reasons to Kip at Kip

At Kip, we know how important it is to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to embrace the day ahead. With that in mind, the hotel has been designed specifically to give you the best possible night’s sleep, in the best surroundings at the best price. Continue reading to find out why Kip is the best possible place to kip.

1. The best beds

kip hotel small double bed

It all starts with the bed. Without it where would we be? Probably very tired and grumpy. No matter what room you are in at Kip, you can literally rest assured that the bed you are in is the comfiest hotel bed in the land. Not too hard, nor too soft, it’s just perfect for you to rest your head and fall into a deep, peaceful, sleep.


2. Late check out

hourglass late check out

Too comfy to contemplate moving? We don’t blame you, that’s why with one quick call down to reception, we can organise a late check out for you. Why not grab a complimentary tea or coffee from reception then head back to your room to chill for a few extra hours.



3. Air conditioning

There’s been one too many a time when we’ve all checked into a hotel, gone to bed and woken up a few hours later either way too hot or too cold and unable to do anything about it. The rooms at Kip are all fitted out with the latest air conditioning systems so you can’t use being too hot or too cold as an excuse for a bad night’s sleep. We also don’t believe in sealing you in, so in most rooms, you can open the windows and let the fresh air in.



4. Fastest Wifi in London & it’s Free!

kip wifi

Picture credit from @rosienick on Instagram

At Kip, you can keep your devices logged into our wifi for the duration of your stay free of charge, leaving you with one less thing to have a sleepless night over. What’s more, our wifi is not just any wifi, it’s so fast we like to call it Super-G!  You can also watch TV or a movie on your 42″ TV screen to help you unwind.



5. Complimentary barista made coffee and free tea

Whether it’s a flat white that gets you going in the morning or a breakfast tea, we’ve got it covered. With locally sourced coffee beans from Climpson and Sons on Broadway Market and our exceptionally talented multifunctioning baristas/receptionists we can guarantee you have the best possible start to your day.


6. Vice Magazine

vice magazine logo


Bedtime reading at its best. Turn off the electronics and get your dose of art, culture and news before you crash out, from one of the coolest magazines in the world, Vice. Every room comes with a copy of the latest issue to keep you up to date with the goings-on of the world.



7. Location, Location, Location

Hackney central

Hackney is one of the most diverse and exciting neighbourhoods in London. It’s hip, happening and lively. Yes, it’s home to the odd hipster or two, but it’s also home to some of the best bars, restaurants in London as well as the world famous Broadway Market.


– Did you know, we’re right next to Hackney Central Station? This means you can get to anywhere else in London without too much hassle.


8. Black and white dreams

Girl in bed with Kip jumpers in black and white

Picture credit from @chellandmar on Instagram

Simplicity is good for the soul. When you step into one of our monochrome bedrooms, the minimal style will calm you after the stress of travelling and leave you dreaming in black and white.


9. A room for everyone

selection of different rooms available at Kip


Trying to find a hotel that caters for pretty much everyone is a difficult task. At Kip, we make this incredibly easy. If you’re travelling solo, with a buddy, with your significant other or even your whole family, we’ve got the room for you!


10. Kip Club

As a member of our Kip Club, you get 10% discount on all of your bookings so you know that when you stay at Kip, you get all of the above, but for less! Click to sign up today

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