Where are the best Burger Joints in Hackney?

Pretty much every restaurant in Hackney has burgers on its menu but where do you go to find the best ones? Here is our list of where to find the tastiest, juiciest burgers in Hackney. If you’re too cosy to contemplate leaving the comfort of your Kip hotel room, why not order takeaway?

The Advisory


Named after the Asian Women’s advisory centre that previously occupied the site, the burgers from this place are in such high demand that it has resulted in it running out of its homemade brioche buns! As the emphasis on this menu is quality, not quantity there’s no room for disappointment.




Where: The Advisory, 161 Mare St, London E8 3RH

Chick N Sours

Chicken burger

Home to all things made with delicious fried chicken, the “Sandwiches” aka monster chicken burgers in this place are off the charts finger-lickin’ good. The fun doesn’t stop with chicken as Chick N Sours also servers wickedly delicious sour cocktails.




Where: Chick N Sours, 390 Kingsland Rd, London E8 4AA

Stokey Bears

Beef Burger with bacon and cheese

With so much competition on the burger front in London, it’s hard to stand out. Stokey Bears have found a winning formula – the understated interior combined with foodie details such as the #ribmanholyf*** sauce that packs a punch make this place stand out from the crowd.




Where: Stockey Bears, 129 Stoke Newington High St, London, N16 0PH,

Patty and Bun

Beef burger cut in half to show the inside

It only took a year for Patty and Bun to secure their reputation as one of London’s best Burger chains. They don’t mess around with ingredients (British wherever possible), the menu is witty yet not contrived, and they’ve even had the nous to offer takeaways. Sit outside and try and the legendary Ari Gold Cheeseburger with a side of wings and fries and you’ll be the envy of all the passers-by.




Where: Patty and Bun, Arthaus Building, 205 Richmond Rd, London E8 3NJ

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