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A Guide To The Best Croissants (And Cheese Toasties) In East London

If you were a pastry, which one would you be? We at Kip choose almond croissants, all day, EVERYDAY! For this reason and because they are essential to our diet and happiness (kind of), we thought it would be a good idea to give you a tour of our go-to East London croissant…and cheese toastie spots. 


Pavilion Cafe 


You can find a mini Pavilion Cafe on Broadway market or Columbia Road, but if you want the full shebang then get yourself over to the BIG Pavilion Cafe, right in the middle of Victoria Park, next to Victoria Park lake. Not only is it an absolutely stunning spot to enjoy the sunshine this summer, and soak up East London’s energy at its finest (especially checking out the regular roller bladers), the pastry selection is NEXT LEVEL! 

What do we recommend? Of course the classic almond croissant is a must, but we suggest you rock the boat a little and go for the chocolate almond, it really is life changing. If you’re more of a savoury person, and you love cheese (because who doesn’t?), you can opt for the cheese toastie, it’s comfort food at its absolute BEST! 

Staying at our hotel in Hackney? Enjoy some breakfast treats from Pavilion Cafe by taking the 277 bus to Victoria Park from Hackney Town Hall, or you can walk there in just over half an hour. 


Pophams Bakery 



Pophams is the elite of the elite when it comes to pastries, basically because they’re super inventive with their flavours and recipes, and because every single item on the menu is ridiculously delicious. The almond croissant is up there with one of the best we’ve ever tried, but although we are loyal, it’d be rude not to reveal some of our other favourites. 

The marmite schlossberger is a must try, basically a cheese toastie and pastry combined in one…with a twist. Even if you’re not a marmite fan, we really encourage you to try one! On the weekends they also offer specials, a blood orange pastry was once sprinkled in there and we’ve thought about nothing else since! There’s usually always a queue outside of Pophams, but don’t worry it moves quickly, it is worth it, and there are TWO locations in Hackney and Islington. Oh and did we mention there’s seating both in and outside, so you can enjoy your pastry and coffee and rest your legs after a little queuing. 

Closest to Kip is Pophams Bakery in Hackney, just a 9 minute walk – try and keep us away!




If high grade, excellent quality coffee is your thing, then Hermanos is even more your thing! Sourced from Columbia, it hits the spot…and do you know what hits the spot even more? A Columbia sourced coffee alongside a freshly baked almond croissant. We are also partial to their chocolate croissants, which are also very good looking! You can find Hermanos on both Broadway Market and Columbia Road. 

Heading to Hermanos for your morning coffee after a peaceful night’s sleep at Kip Hotel? Hermanos at Broadway Market is closest, just a 23 minute walk or a 20 minute journey on the 55 bus to King Edward’s Road.


Cheesy Nicks 


We can’t even put into words the levels of cheesy goodness that ooze from every single one of the Cheesy Nicks toasties, we are yet to meet someone who doesn’t fall in love at first taste! 

The collection of flavours that Cheesy Nicks offers is what sets it apart from the other cheesy spots, there’s of course the classic (if you want to stick to your roots), the black truffle (if you’re looking for absolute decadence), beans and cheese (if you fancy going back to your school days), and of course tuna…because apparently you can’t have tuna without cheese?! Cheesy Nicks can also be found tucked away on Broadway Market (apparently all the best cheesy and pastry spots are!) 


Peel yourself away from your cosy hotel room and head to Broadway Market for some cheesy goodness, Cheesy Nicks is just a 21 minute walk!


Cheeeseee we’re starving, you probably are too and need some cheesy almondy pastry goodness in your life! The very best way to enjoy your croissant or toastie is by waking up with us at Kip (of course), grabbing one of our (free) Climpson & Sons coffees and heading out into East London for the very best croissants & toasties you’ve ever had…if we do say so ourselves! 




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