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Festival Season At Kip Hotel

Festival season is starting to peep out the clouds, it’s one of the best things about summer in London. For those of you that don’t know, London festivals are the VERY BEST…All Points East, Field Day, Wireless, and Cross The Tracks, are just a few of the brilliant music festivals going on. What we love even more is that quite a few of them take place in East London, right near us at Kip, so naturally you’re going to want to stay with us, right?! Our hotel rooms are ideal for festival goers, here’s why…

If you didn’t know already, we’ve got a super wide range of rooms which cater to pretty much everyone and to every kind of mood. Our rooms are ideal for those of you who want to get in the full festival spirit and feel like you’re camping with your friends, as well as those of you who want an ‘in and out job’ – reducing time in the room and maximising party time. Want to know what we’re on about? Keep reading…

Kip Friends

This one is ideal if you’re wanting to do up festival season in a big group with all your mates, like being on a campsite…but way, waaay nicer! The Kip Friends room sleeps 6 people and features super big and cosy bunk beds, so you can feel like you’re back at school again/having a post-festi slumber party. There is of course an en suite, which is always welcome before/after a full on day of no toilet roll at a festival.

Kip Cabin

For the hard core partiers. If you want to maximise your time listening to live music in a beaut London park, then you’re probably not going to want to be in your hotel for very long, and you’re definitely not going to want to spend loads of money. This is why our Kip Cabin solo room is so ideal, it’s super clean, compact, and has all the basics you need to get a good night sleep, and feel fresh and ready to dance nonstop. It’s the ideal spot for an ‘in and out jobby.’

Kip Penthouse

Okay, so, we know that festivals are not exactly the definition of boujee, but glamping exists and those that love to glamp, love a penthouse! Our penthouse feels very much like you’re chilling in your scandi style, East London apartment, that’s only a stone’s throw away from Field Day and All Points East festival. The penthouse suite comes with its own mini living room, and kitchen, so you can cook up something tasty to line your stomach, and have a few beers before heading out to see your favourite djs play! 

We absolutely love festival season, and we want as many of you to enjoy it as possible, which is why we’re offering 10% off and a free beer* to those of you heading to an event this summer, by using the code KIP-SUMMERVIBES

*To redeem this offer, event tickets must be shown at reception. You must be 18 or older – photo ID will be required.

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