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It’s Leo Season: What You Should Be Getting Up To This August In Hackney

IT’S LEO season…for those of you not astrologically ‘woke’, it’s the season of the Lion, which means lots of sunshine, high energy, being the boldest and loudest version of yourself, and most of all having A LOT of fun! Whether you’re a Leo or not, we wanted to give you some ideas on what you can be getting up to during August in Hackney…regardless of whether or not the sun decides to show it’s face, it’s still going to be a FIERY time…

All Of My Friends

A place for music, and pals…All Of My Friends, in Hackney Wick, is a bar, dance floor and record shop all rolled into one! It’s the perfect spot to go and listen to up-and-coming djs, grab a tasty summer cocktail, and enjoy life right alongside Hackney Wick’s canal. OH, and did we forget to say that it’s run by the iconic music venue that is, The Cause? Well, it is. So, the tunes truly do POP OFF!

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

When the sun is sunning, and the flowers are looking all pretty and colourful, it really does feel like summer & it really does feel like Leo season! One spot that really does offer all of this energy is Dalston Eastern Curve Garden, located right next to Dalston Kingsland and Dalston Junction Overground. The garden is filled with beautiful plants and flowers, and you can sit amongst them on the cute picnic tables, have a little wine or beer, and truly feel like you’re in some kind of tropical forest in the height of summer.

Berber & Q

If you know a Leo, you’ll know they’re notoriously, saucy, spicy, and pretty mouth watering…so it’s only right to keep this theme going and send you off to Berber & Q, a restaurant that ticks allll of those boxes with its menu. Berber & Q is a Middle Eastern-meets-North African grill house in Haggerston, with ridiculously tasty dishes, delicious wine, and always a super great atmosphere! The concept of the restaurant mainly focuses on sharing dishes, so if you’re up for trying a bit of everything, this is the spot for you.

Columbia Road Flower Market

Columbia Road Flower Market is an iconic spot all year around, but in the summer time it hits completely different! Imagine, a cute East London road lined with colourful cobbled houses, independent shops and coffee spots, and a huge range of stunning plant and flower stalls… The market takes place every Sunday, and is a super wholesome way to end your weekend, and practice some self-love, because lets be honest, we should all be buying flowers for ourselves!

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