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Kip: More Than A Hostel

The chic & cosy hotel, with hostel prices 

So you’re looking for somewhere to stay in London that won’t burn some almighty holes in your pockets? You also want something that feels chic and cosy. Oh, AND you want prime access to public transport & unique bars, coffee shops & restaurants? Impossible. It’s impossible, right?! Wrong. This is where we come in. An independent, clean, stylish, and totally accessible hotel, right in the heart of Hackney. OH, and did we mention there’s free wifi and coffee? We know, it feels too good to be true. But, Kip really is all of those things wrapped up into one luxuriously affordable hotel. Think hostel prices without the hostel quality. Here’s a little insight into some of our rooms that’ll help keep you and your bank balance feeling really good. 

In life, we think it’s important to have variety and that’s something we can certainly offer. If you want to live out the hostel fantasy but share a room with your pals, rather than a bunch of random people, then we’ve got dorms for you. Our Kip family & Kip friends rooms sleep up to 6 people! Let’s be honest, there’s nothing better than reliving your childhood and bagsying the top bunk. 

Are bunk beds not really your thing? If you’re still looking after the pennies and pounds, then our Kip cabin is great, especially if you’re on board with sharing a bathroom. It’s the ideal option if you’re looking for a room for just you, with all the home comforts, including a smart TV. 

We get that shared bathrooms aren’t everyone’s thin. But, just because you’re not into sharing, doesn’t mean you need to break the bank. Our Super Single room includes an En Suite, double bed and free fixie bike hire! Hackney is super bike-friendly, with a bunch of glorious parks just a short walk/cycle away. So we’d recommend taking us up on the bike hire offer. Of course it’ll also save you the cost of jumping on the overground or grabbing a cab 😉 

Talking of cycling around, we thought we’d treat you to some insight on our favourite cycling spots in the area. Victoria Park is a MUST! There are plenty of bike lanes, and if you want to switch it up and go rollerblading, then that’s an option too! Victoria Park village is (funnily enough) right next to the park, with a bunch of independent restaurants, pubs, and coffee spots, that’ll have you feeling properly integrated into Hackney living. 

Hackney Marshes is another great spot to cycle to with plenty of open green space to chill out. We’d recommend picking up a picnic selection on your way and setting up camp for the day. It’s wholesome, affordable, and just all round cute. 

The final stop on our bike tour is, of course, Broadway Market. An iconic spot, and one which you simply HAVE to visit if you’re coming to stay with us. Broadway Market is home to a wide selection of fresh food stalls on the weekends! You can pick up a crepe, a paneer wrap, a fresh salad and a delicious selection of cakes. There are also plenty of places to park your bike, so you won’t have to worry about babysitting it. 

We get that staying in London and enjoying it can feel like it either has to be super expensive, or a bit grim. But at Kip, we’re all about offering you a little luxury in the most affordable way possible.

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