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Kip’s Guide To All Points East Festival

August bank holiday weekend is upon us, and we all know what that means…All Points East festival, Victoria Park, be there or be square! We absolutely love All Points East, not just because we are biased to East London and Victoria Park is our favourite, but because it genuinely is the very best day festival in the UK – electronic music at it’s very best. Here’s some tips from Kip on what you can get up to in and around the festival! 

Where to stay?



First things first, where to stay? Kip…duh. Our hotel near All Points East can accommodate everyone and anyone, especially the electronic music lovers! 

We’ve got a cute little Kip room for one and a SuperSingle, if you fancy some peace and quiet from the madness. If you’re looking for some family time then of course there’s our family rooms, and if you really want to treat yourself (because…why not?! It’s bank holiday) then get involved in our Studio or Penthouse


What to see?


As much as the weekend is all about dancing and quite a few beers, let’s also keep things cultural. 

We highly recommend some of East London’s eclectic mix of galleries, to narrow it down we recommend White Chapel Gallery, White Cube (Bermondsey), or Hales gallery (for something a little smaller and more intimate.) 


Where to eat… and drink!



You’ve got to keep up some level of sanity during this crazy weekend, so we suggest you get yourself down to Wave cafe (which is about a 3 minute walk from our East London hotel), there’s hammocks, essential oils and vegan poke balls, you’ll basically feel like you’re in Bali…except it’s East London and there’s a load of electronic music playing! 



Did someone say drinks?! Yep, we thought so! Victoria Park village is an absolute dream with loads of real classical London pubs. The Lauriston is definitely worth hitting up, there’s outdoor seating so you can really feel amongst it, but make sure you book – it’s sure to be mad busy! 



For a good vibe, tasty plant based food, jazz music and a stunning view of the canal, we’ve got Grow. Think veggie shakshuka, vegan gyro, and mezze platters! We guarantee you’ll love it whether you’re into vegan food or not. It’s also essential to line that stomach. 

Whether you’re going to All Points East or not, East London will have the very best vibe for the August bank holiday, and as always we’d love to have you stay with us!


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