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Kip’s Guide to Singles Day

Okay so…Thursday is ‘Singles Day’…yep, it’s actually a thing, a whole day dedicated to celebrating being romantically unattached, we really do love an excuse to celebrate! Singles Day sounds a little bit morbid, but really it’s pretty empowering, being single means you can do what you want when you want, and totally put yourself first! So, to all our singles out there, here’s Kips guide to singles day…

Sleep with us…

cabin room

Who needs to sleep with anyone when you can sleep with us? At Kip we really pride ourselves on catering to everyone, and yes, that includes you singles! If you’re looking to be efficient in your stay for Singles Day we suggest Kip Cabin, it’s cosy, simple and has everything you need, plus there’s no room for anyone but you in there, and that’s really what this day is all about. We’ve also got the Super Single hotel room…which is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re looking for a little more luxury (which we’re pretty sure you deserve), then definitely book the Kip Studio room

Get creative…

Creativity is therapeutic, as is getting your hands dirty, so why not combine the two and do a pottery or ceramics class? There are plenty in East London, near our hotel in Hackney, but if you’re looking to be pointed in the right direction, we recommend Wonderland ceramics (think Alice in Wonderland, but in Victoria Park), or Crown Works pottery. 

Take yourself on a dinner date…


lardon london

agnolotti pasta

They do it in New York, so really we should be doing it in London too. Taking yourself for dinner is apparently a bit taboo, because apparently if you’re eating alone you basically have no friends…WRONG. Taking yourself for dinner is romantic, it’s an act of self-love, enjoying delicious food, a glass of wine & your own glorious company! If you’re up for it, then we suggest you try Lardo – it’s independent Italian dining at it’s very best. You MUST get a pasta dish and you MUST have some orange wine! 

Get your legs moving & breathe…

hackney parks

It’s no secret that Hackney is home to some of the very best parks in London, so it would be rude not to check some of them out when you come and stay with us (we’re being very presumptuous, we know). A good Autumn walk is also the key to happiness & the key to a great day, so take our advice and get yourself out there into the fresh air. London Fields, Victoria Park & Hackney Marshes are all close to us, and you can also mix things up and try a canal walk if you’re feeling adventurous. 

See some art…

Because, who really likes seeing art with other people anyway? East London is very big when it comes to the art scene, but here are some exhibitions we recommend: 

issy wood

Issy Wood @ Carlos/Ishikawa – 88 Mile End Road, Unit 4 

Damien Hirst @ Gagosian – 6-24 Britannia St

damien hirst

Gladys Nilsson @ Hales – 7 Bethnal Green Rd 

Naotaka Hiro @ Herald St – 2 Herald St 

Basically, singles day is going to be a BLAST, and we cannot wait to have a sleepover with you! 

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