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The Kip Guide To East London’s Beer Gardens

WE’RE BACK!! Well…almost, if you can hunt down an outdoor space, and it’s the 12th of April onwards. Here at Kip, we definitely advocate a ‘go with the flow’ attitude, however you’d be silly not to plan your first beer garden visit of the year, especially as everything’s getting so booked up! We know it’s all a little overwhelming…getting to see your friends, outside, with drinks…crazy?! But, we’ve got you covered, here’s some of our must visit East London beer gardens, to get you eased into post-lockdown life…



Pub On the Park

An absolute essential. Right in the heart of the iconic London Fields is (probably) one of the best outdoor drinking spaces in Hackney…AND it has heaters, what a treat?! We love Pub On the Park, for its guaranteed great atmosphere, super cosy fairy lights, the best Aperol Spritz, oh…and also surprisingly decent chips! If the pub is mega busy, you can always grab a takeaway beer and have a wonder around the park, that’s where you get the real East London energy! 

Pub on the Park is just an 11 minute walk from our hotel in Hackney, or if you prefer to cycle, you can go from hotel to beer garden in just 3 minutes!


The Scolt Head

Great for a Sunday roast, and a super authentic British pub vibe. The outdoor area has a lot of greenery and feels very Spring/Summer, which is very fitting for Aperols in April! Bring your mum, bring your friends, your dog, or just yourself, but make sure you get there early, it’s a popular spot and not massive! 

Fancy a stroll? The Scolt Head is a leisurely 32 minute walk from Kip Hotel, or if you prefer, you can get the 38 bus or 242 bus to Dalston Junction Station from Hackney Central Station and be at the pub with drink in hand in 25 minutes.


The Vinegar Yard

Not quite Hackney, but at this point we’re all willing to travel for some kind of socialising? The Vinegar Yard is a food market next to London Bridge, think an eclectic mix of food, drinks, art and general great vibes! It’ll definitely prepare you for the ‘summer in London’ festival season! 


If you’re staying at Kip Hotel in Hackney, you can get to Vinegar Yard in 45 minutes by taking the train from Hackney Central to Stratford, followed by the Jubilee Line to London Bridge.


Mare Street Market

We love the inside of Mare Street market, with its very own flower shop and impressive chandelier collection! However, the outside area still does the trick, when the weather is great there’s literally nowhere better to be…cliche, but true! They also have a great range of cocktails, we recommend an Espresso martini, and basically any of their pizzas. 

To get the Mare Street market, take the train from Hackney Downs to Bush Hill Park, followed by a 17 minute walk to Bury Street / Great Cambridge Road. From your comfy hotel room to the market in under an hour!


Netil 360

This one is super exciting, a panoramic rooftop bar overlooking Hackney, what an absolute dream! If you’re up for letting loose on the weekend, or week night (because, why not?), then this is where you need to be! It’ll have you feeling at least a little like you’re on holiday, oh and if you fancy a flirt it’s the ideal spot for that too! 

These panoramic views are just a 17 minute walk from Kip Hotel, or you can hop on the 55 bus from Hackney Central to King Edward’s Road, followed by a short walk to Westgate Street.


We are so lucky to have such a wide range of outdoor spaces in Hackney, so definitely maximise on this and get a beer garden booked…or at least have a ‘Gin in a tin’ at the park, you deserve it!


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