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WFH Spots in East London

Working from home (WFH) is a THING, it’s a real life THING! We’ve all gotten very used to joining meetings from the comfort of our own living room, and swapping suit trousers for trackie bottoms, but working from home can get a little tedious & unmotivating at times. SO, we have come up with a list of spots around East London where you can reach the happy medium between WFH and the office…

Mare Street Market

mare street market

mare street market london

117 Mare Street, London, E8 4RU 

Yes, we know this is the usual date night drinks spot, or the place to have an espresso martini on a Friday night with your mates, BUT, by day it’s also a great place to work from. You can set up your laptop for the day in the main dining room, underneath an extravagant array of chandeliers, that make WFH feel a little more glam! They also have a real mix of small plates, we love the Turkish eggs & burrata with poached pear, and if you’re feeling cheeky you can have a little afternoon cocktail – they’re delicious! 


wave london

vegan food london

11 Dispensary Lane, Mare Street, London, E8 1FT 

Aka We Are Vegan Everything. We are OBSESSED, not only is it literally a 5 minute walk from our hotel in Hackney, but the atmosphere there is amazing, you feel absolutely zen & as though you’re in a cafe in Bali…which is exactly what you want when working from home! There’s cosy sofas, hanging chairs, plenty of tables & chairs to work from, and a courtyard if you’re feeling brave and want to get some real East London fresh air. As you probably guessed, all of the food and drink is vegan, which is (of course) ideal if you’re a vegan, but even if you’re not it will blow your mind.

Ozone Coffee Roasters

ozone coffee roasters 

Right in the heart of Shoreditch, where all of the hustle & bustle is, is the place for the very best coffee. Ozone feels a little like a coworking space, you won’t be alone with the other work from homers all gathering there, it’ll keep you motivated, your stomach full & your creative energy flowing! We suggest munching on anything with halloumi, they really do a good job of it there! 

Paper & Cup 

paper and cup london

paper and cup coffee

18th Calvert Avenue, London,  E2 7JP 

It’s cute and cosy, and perfect if you’re wanting more of a relaxing and homely work day. You can park yourself up by a window, look out over Shoreditch, and get on with whatever it is you need to get on with. If you fancy a break, there’s plenty of books you can pick up and have a read of, and pair that with one of their delicious freshly baked cakes! 


2 Aspland Grove, Hackney, E8 1JW

We couldn’t not mention ourselves! Our hotel is in the heart of East London, so if you need somewhere to work that’s right next to Hackney Overground, has super-fast wifi, free coffee, 24/7 access and a quiet desk all to yourself, you’ve come to the right place. 

When you stay with us, pretty much all of our rooms have a desk in them – all you have to do is ask. What’s more, with a bed in the same room, you can take power-naps in between Zoom calls! 

East London is really well known for its independent coffee shops & communal energy, so wherever you go you’ll feel welcome, at home, but also energised by the atmosphere…and the coffee! 

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